Joe Hill: songwriter to the working class (2000)

From the October 2000 issue of the Socialist Standard Eighty-five years ago, on 19 November 1915, Joe Hill, a rootless, unassuming migratory worker and member of the IWW, was executed by a five-man firing squad in the prison yard of Utah State Penitentiary for the alleged murder of a Salt Lake City grocer and his […]

Rockefeller’s roast (1914)

From the July 1914 issue of the Socialist Standard For six months past the miners employed by the Rockefeller interests in Colorado have been out on strike against the truck system, and for the right to live where they pleased, and to be attended by their own doctors. Starvation and misery, together with much brutality […]

A Witness At Ludlow (1965)

From the 1965 -number 3 issue of The Western Socialist Edit. Note: In The Western Socialist, No. 3-1965 there appeared an article entitled,The Ludlow Massacre (1913) – fifth in a series entitled, Gems From American History. The Ludlow article evoked the following letter from an old-timer member of the World Socialist Party who was a […]

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