Poverty in the United States

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Who Are ‘The Poor’? (2013)

From the October 2013 issue of The Socialist Standard Socialists are reluctant to talk about ‘the poor’ as a distinct social group. In a certain real sense, all ...

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Michael Harrington’s ‘The Other America’ (1964)

Book Review from the March 1964 issue of The Socialist Standard The Other America. Michael Harrington, Penguin, 3s. 6d. There is a pretty little myth that America is the ...

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Where Rockfeller Rules (1913)

Book Review from the June 1913 issue of the Socialist Standard “Poverty,” by Robert Hunter. London : The Macmillan Co. 2s. net. This is a cheap reprint ...

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Life in the New York Cities (2014)

A review of a book which shares stories that highlight the stark contrast of economic inequality that in New York City.

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