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World Socialist Review

In the past, the WSPUS published a journal called World Socialist Review from 1986 to 2011). PDF files for 13 of the 22 issues are available on this website. Just follow these links:

WSR 1 (May 1986)

WSR 2 (Fall 1986)

WSR 3 (Summer 1987)

WSR 4 (Winter 1987) — Russia

WSR 5 (Summer 1988)

WSR 6 (Summer 1989)

WSR 10 (Summer 1993)

WSR 11 (Spring 1994) — a debate with the Socialist Labor Party

WSR 12 (Winter 1995)

WSR 19 — prisons

WSR 20 — environment

WSR 21 — Latin America

WSR 22 (2011) — Obama

The remaining issues are available on the website Here are the links, which will take you outside the website of the WSPUS:

WSR 7 (1991)

WSR 8 (1992)

WSR 9–12 (1993–1996)

WSR 13–21 (1997–)

WSR 22 is also still available as a physical booklet through Amazon. Devoted mainly to Barack Obama, it examines the former president’s outlook and life story, his packaging as a politician, and his policy in such areas as healthcare, the economy, and the environment. Most of the analysis remains relevant today. Link to Amazon.

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