Eugene Debs

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Eugene Debs and the World Socialist Movement

A collection of quotations from the speeches and writings of Eugene Debs (1855—1926). He was a prominent trade union organizer, socialist writer and speaker.

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Politics, Socialism

Bernie Sanders Bows Out

Having acquired less delegates than Hillary Clinton in the primaries, Bernie Sanders has endorsed her as the Democratic candidate for the US presidency in the elections in ...

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Marxism in the USA (1968)

Book Review from the December 1968 issue of the Socialist Standard   Marxian Socialism in the United States, by Daniel Bell, Princeton University Press. 17s. 6d. This ...

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Trade Unionist Extraordinary (1985)

From the November 1985 issue of the Socialist Standard Eugene V. Debs was born 130 years ago, on 5th November 1855. Although a member of the reformist ...

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The Struggle in U.S.A. (1919)

From the September 1919 issue of the Socialist Standard   The Movement of the Blind America badly needs a Socialist party. The deep ignorance of the workers ...

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