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Refusnikism (2007)

Film Review of Sir! No Sir! from the March 2007 Socialist Standard David Zeigler’s documentary Sir! No Sir! looks back on the movement within the military to end the Vietnam War, interviewing ...

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The Life and Letters of Isaac Rab (2011)

Book Review from issue 22 of The World Socialist Review Role Modeling Socialist Behavior: The Life and Letters of Isaac Rab, by Karla Doris Rab. 504 pages. Lulu ...

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Liberate Technology. Liberate Ourselves. (2018)

From the February 2018 issue of The Socialist Standard Technology has evolved to the point where there is no reason why food, clothes, housing, medical care, education, transportation, computers, books, cell ...

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The Sit-down Strikes in America (1937)

From the April 1937 issue of The Socialist Standard America, we have often been told, is the great land of “Liberty”. They boast there of their “Liberty Statue” and ...

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Bourgeois Blues: The Future of a Collusion (2017)

From the March 2017 issue of The Socialist Standard “I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin ...

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Lead Poisoning in Flint, Michigan

By Alan Johnstone The wheels of justice turn slowly. Lead poisoning also acts slowly, but is no less pernicious for that. The city of Flint’s water crisis ...

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Bogdanov, Technocracy and Socialism (2007)

From the April 2007 issue of The Socialist Standard The terms “Bolshevism” and “Leninism” are usually treated as synonyms. In view of Lenin’s enormous influence over the ...

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Build It Now? (2007)

Book Review from Issue 21 of The World Socialist Review Build It Now: Socialism For The Twenty-First Century by Michael A. Lebowitz Marx wrote: “Men make their own history, ...

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The United States and Imperialism (1986)

From the Summer 1986 issue of The World Socialist The history of US imperialism dates back to the times of the foundation of the nation. Whether making ...

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Ballyhoo and Baloney (2008)

From the October 2008 issue of The Socialist Standard The National Conventions of the Democratic and Republican Parties have become forums for putting the finishing touches on the ...

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