Month: January 2021

Book Review, Class, police, Politics

Unequal Before the Law

The political and corporate elite are now free to commit crimes with impunity. Their immunity contrasts with the harsh punishment of even minor crimes committed by ordinary people.

3 min read

Environment, healthcare, News, Science

COVID-19: The Lab-leak Hypothesis

Did the coronavirus leap from bat to man at a wildlife market or inside a scientific laboratory? We may never know for sure, but the lab-leak hypothesis is plausible. What are the implications?

3 min read

Class, media, Politics

Politicians: Public Face of the Capitalist Class

Who do politicians represent? What is their place and function in our society? How does this affect the way they talk to us?

4 min read


Second Issue of The World Socialist

The second issue of our new journal, World Socialist, is now out. Articles on antidepressants, squatting, Belarus, Assange, Biden/Harris, etc. Follow this link for electronic and print versions.

1 min read