Month: February 2022


What Are You Fighting For?

'I know you're set for fighting, but what are you fighting for?' asked singer and songwriter Phil Ochs

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History, War

Another War To Condemn

It now appears that the Russian Federation has launched a full-scale attack upon Ukraine. The World Socialist Movement is not concerned with the so-called rights and wrongs ...

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Labor movement, News, Work

Strikes and Protests Continue in Kazakhstan

The following report of developments in western Kazakhstan is based on information from the Russian trade union website Strikes and protests of working people continue in ...

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Economics, Politics, Technology, War

How the Military-industrial Complex Works

Andrew Cockburn, The Spoils of War: Power, Profit and the American War Machine. Verso, 2021 In this book Cockburn lays bare the inner workings of the military-industrial complex ...

3 min read

History, Politics

Solidarity Forged From the Chains of Slavery

By Alan Johnstone February is black history month. With conservatives challenging Critical Race Theory, there’s one thing we must always remember when studying history — it is the victors ...

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