Month: August 2022

International relations, War

Petya and the Authorities

Introductory note. This text, published in Russian here, on the website of the Russian section of the International Workers’ Association, was written by a teenage school student ...

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healthcare, Labor movement, Politics

Nursing Homes: Understaffing and Neglect

In both the United States and Canada, understaffing at nursing homes for the elderly leads to gross neglect of helpless patients. Why?

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News, Technology, Work

Humanity on a Cross of Iron

A surge is underway in military spending and arms sales, fueled by the war in Ukraine and the confrontation over Taiwan. Global demand for advanced weaponry is ...

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Socialism, Work

A Society of Universal Unemployment

In 1848 the Prussian government sent a young physician named Rudolf Carl Virchow to Upper Silesia (now in Poland) to investigate a typhus epidemic. His Report was ...

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Book Review, Economics, healthcare

What Are Hospitals For?

Source: Timothy Snyder, Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary (New York: Crown, 2020) This is a hospital. What are hospitals for? Perhaps you think that they ...

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