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Ukraine War: Resistance Continues

Views: 993 Russia Number of people arrested so far for participating in antiwar protests = 15,442 (including 100 indicted on criminal charges) Number of people subjected to …

by Stephen Shenfield



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Number of people arrested so far for participating in antiwar protests = 15,442 (including 100 indicted on criminal charges)

Number of people subjected to administrative penalties for ‘discrediting the armed forces’ = 993

Three people arrested for damaging giant letters Z, erected as war symbols

Molotov cocktails thrown at military recruitment centers in four towns and at a police bus in Moscow (used to detain protestors) 

Antiwar posters hung in Tver city center after surveillance cameras turned off 

Transparency poster hung from bridge in Perm with the old anarchist slogan: Peace to the Cottages, War on the Palaces (see illustration)

20—40% of contract soldiers who have returned from Ukraine refuse to go back

Women in Caucasus blocked a road, demanding that the authorities inform them of the fate of sons, brothers and husbands sent to fight in Ukraine  


Many men who went abroad temporarily to earn money and send it home are defying a new law requiring them to return to Ukraine within 15 days or face up to 10 years in prison. Many intend to bring out their families, renounce Ukrainian citizenship and settle permanently in other countries. 

In Khust in the west Ukrainian region of Transcarpathia, women are protesting outside the town’s military recruitment center. On April 30 about 50 women broke windows to get into the building. They accepted recruitment of their male relatives to ‘territorial defense’ units on the understanding that these were local units, but are angry that they have now been sent to fight in the Donbass, without even the necessary equipment. 

Source: https://aitrus.info/node/5963, May 11

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I grew up in Muswell Hill, north London, and joined the Socialist Party of Great Britain at age 16. After studying mathematics and statistics, I worked as a government statistician in the 1970s before entering Soviet Studies at the University of Birmingham. I was active in the nuclear disarmament movement. In 1989 I moved with my family to Providence, Rhode Island, USA to take up a position on the faculty of Brown University, where I taught International Relations. After leaving Brown in 2000, I worked mainly as a translator from Russian. I rejoined the World Socialist Movement about 2005 and am currently general secretary of the World Socialist Party of the United States. I have written two books: The Nuclear Predicament: Explorations in Soviet Ideology (Routledge, 1987) and Russian Fascism: Traditions, Tendencies, Movements (M.E. Sharpe, 2001) and more articles, papers, and book chapters that I care to recall.

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