Month: August 2021


Principle Two

In the last issue of the World Socialist, we elaborated on Clause One of the World Socialist Movement’s Declaration of Principles, which deals with private property and ...

2 min read

Environment, healthcare, Science, Technology

Beware — Cell Phones!

Cell phones are everywhere. Almost everyone has one. But there is mounting scientific evidence of the harm their radiation does to human health, especially to the health of children.

4 min read

Capitalism, Class, History, Politics, Socialism

Eugene Debs and the World Socialist Movement

A collection of quotations from the speeches and writings of Eugene Debs (1855—1926). He was a prominent trade union organizer, socialist writer and speaker.

11 min read

International relations, War

War Over Taiwan?

Are the United States and China on the verge of war over Taiwan? Or is this just a war scare? What is the conflict about?

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